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What is SEO and What is The Benefits of SEO?| Learn Digital Marketing

What is SEO and What is The Benefits of SEO?


We are Learn Digital Marketing today we will discuss about search engine optimize (SEO) Step by step. I want everyone to know how SEO works on a website. With that goal in mind, we have opened our learn digital marketing blog site

1. What is SEO?

2. What is The Benefits of SEO?

What is SEO and What is The Benefits of SEO?| Learn Digital Marketing

What is SEO? 
1. Definition of Sempo (Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization)
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the practice of using a range of techniques, including html code rewriting, content editing, site navigation, link campaigns, and more, in order to improve a person's position. website in search engine results for specific search terms.

2. Complementary definition

From its acronym in English (Search Engine Optimization), it is the practice of using a series of techniques that involve optimizing the page (with the so-called on-site factors) and its socialization on the Internet with other pages (the so-called off-site factors) in order to improve the position of a website in search engine results for specific search terms.

These techniques, and their relevance to improve positioning, are diverse and changing depending on the continuous evolution of search engines.

3. Broad and inclusive definition
Strategy and set of practices aimed at attracting and retaining traffic from search engines.

4. Some considerations
SEO is integrated into the business and communication strategy of the company / institution. Good positions by themselves are worthless if they do not contribute anything to business objectives. Here, therefore, is the need to integrate the SEO strategy with the rest of the marketing activities.

NOTE: in this text SEO refers both to the search engine optimization activity itself, and to individuals and companies who are professionally engaged in SEO tasks.

SEO: Search Engine Optimizer: person or company that performs SEO.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization: the practice of optimizing for search engines.

And what is the benefits of SEO? 12 SEO benefits

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SEO: All Benefits:

We will see that SEO affects the standard of your website or your online store, having an immediate impact on the success of your company. an internet site with well-planned and executed SEO benefits from a better possibility of retention while receiving more free publicity from search engines. An optimized website with strategically SEO will better achieve the conversion goals and prevent tons of your time and money.

Your website is that the basis of your business on the web . within the same way, you continuously represent your brand on the web . Your website is your showcase, and counting on how you prepare your website, web catalog or online store to try to to business on the online , you'll get some results or others.

The construction of your company website should be taken as seriously because the location of your street office, or maybe more. having the ability to properly solve such necessary questions as the way to attract potential customers? How quickly can we serve you? Is it easy to try to to business with us? … There are many factors to think about , but an optimized web design is that the foundation on which the success of a web business is made . does one need optimized web design?

We are getting to review 12 SEO benefits that we will obtain with an honest web optimization of our page:


Benefit 1- High return on investment
SEO offers you a better return on your investment than the other similar sort of promotion.

Benefit 2- Long-term positioning.
Once your website is positioned, with an appropriate design and therefore the optimized site, it must remain within the future within the ranking compared to pay per click (CPC or PPC) where costs and expenses are constant as long as you would like to take care of the campaign.

Benefit 3- Target traffic.
SEO can increase the amount of tourists who are actively checking out your service or product.

Benefit 4 - Promote web without rest
Imagine having your marketing working exclusively for you 24 hours each day , 7 days every week , three hundred and sixty five days a year. that's an SEO benefit.

Benefit 5- Increase brand visibility
SEO can give your brand high recognition with a comparatively low investment.

Profit 6- More Sales
SEO can increase the sales of your product or service.

Benefit 7- Loading your website faster
Properly validated and optimized your code will make the online page smaller and lighter, which suggests fewer requests to the server resulting in less overhead and faster download times.

Benefit 8- More profitability
SEO is one among the foremost profitable ways to plug your products and services.

Benefit 9- Greater Accessibility
Improved procedures and web optimization can make your website more accessible to users.

Benefit 10- Browser Compatibility
A well optimized site are going to be very on the brink of being validated against most standards. this suggests that your website will work correctly altogether browsers, your site are often seen by a greater number of tourists .

Benefit 11- Indexing by search engines
All links must work correctly and every one pages must be accessible to look engines, so your website are going to be easy to index and classify correctly by search engines.

Benefit 12- Usability
By following the essential rules of web optimization, visitors will have a more pleasant user experience.

If you would like to experience the advantages of SEO, ask us what we will do for you and for your website. If you like this post, please like, comment and share it with your friends | Learn Digital Marketing

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