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How to build a high quality and scalable backlink network | build a high quality backlink | Learn Digital Marketing


High quality Backlink

We are Learn Digital Marketing today we will discuss about high quality backlink. means How to build a high quality and scalable backlink network . I want everyone to know  backlinks how to works on a website. With that goal in mind, we have opened our learn digital marketing blog site.

How to build a high quality and scalable backlink network

The generation of backlinks should be among the main objectives in any SEO positioning strategy. This action is important since, with the constant updates of Google's algorithms, it must be carried out with much more care and perseverance. To combat 'webspam', the search engine carried out a series of measures against websites that used the links in an abusive and senseless way simply to generate traffic. This does not mean that backlinks have lost their effectiveness, but that we must now use them in a more conscious and responsible way. We seek that they generate interaction, that have interest and add value. The process is much slower and more expensive than a few years ago, but if we do it right, the results can be very favorable. In this post we tell you how to generate a network of quality backlinks for your website. If you want to know more about high quality backlink

What are backlinks? 

The backlinks are nothing more than links from other websites that lead to yours. The more quality backlinks you have to your page, the more likely that Google will rank you better. They must be natural links (that have interest and meaning) and appropriate, we look for quality rather than quantity. And it is that inappropriate backlinks penalize your website making its positioning more complicated. Of course, it is not an easy or fast task to implement an effective link building strategy, but we advise you to dedicate yourself to it and focus on one of the pillars of SEO: content marketing.

The Top 5  Link Building Company

1. Neil Patel DigitalBest for Linkable Content Marketing
2. FATJOEBest for Blogger Outreach
3. Page One PowerBest for Strategic Links
4. The HOTHBest for Guest Posting
5. RhinoRankBest for Curated Link Building

How do I get backlinks?

Therefore, the first step to generating good backlinks is to create quality content. Articles that generate real value, that are useful for your users (it is important to know our audience well to achieve this). Only then will you get other relevant websites to want to redirect to yours. Once you have an interesting piece (and written according to SEO criteria) and worthy of the attention of your users, we recommend that you follow some guidelines. Support your article with real and reliable data, share interesting content such as eBooks and enrich it with interesting graphic elements (infographics, explanatory videos 

The second step is to distribute this content that we are generating so that it reaches the right users. And for this, it is no use waiting for others to find us and share. Our articles may be great, but they are useless if we don't promote ourselves. You must know your potential audience well, know how and where it communicates, in which channels it seeks information, what social networks it uses. Once we have a useful post that generates value and interest, what we must do is index it in Google to get those external links. Social networks are our great allies for this task. That your content is shared on networks suggests to Google that it is useful for users. We must take into account here Google+, Google's social network, which, although it does not have as much impact on users as Twitter or Facebook,

Get to know your sector in depth and carry out a thorough investigation of what is said and done in your environment. Explore the websites and networks of your competition and locate the experts in your field who have authority on the network. You can divide the sources you find into three large groups: those of our same sector (ideal links but difficult to obtain, since it is usually our competition), those that are indirectly related to our sector (simpler because they can cover more topics broad and the links are more natural) and finally, those that, without having any relationship with our sector, can write content that links us naturally. Once we know the medium and its elements, it is time to propose our link building actions.

Tips and other tricks

The action par excellence is 'Guest posting', or what is the same, publishing an article on a website of a certain authority within our sector. To do this, we must carefully choose the website on which we are going to publish, always taking into account our possibilities, the theme and obviously producing high-quality content at the height of the channel. It is important to do it well if we want, point one, that the web to which we are going take us into consideration, and point two, that it is going to generate quality backlinks for our website.

To complement our strategy it is also important to remember that if we want to receive we must also give. Linking to other websites and blogs from our own will make these in turn (if you really generate interesting content) with a little luck, they will grant you a backlink.

Comments on other blogs are also interesting, since, although they are not quality links, they can report visits to our website and give us notoriety in the sector. You have to be especially careful as it is a somewhat tricky practice. If we do not want to be branded as spam, we must write a comment that is directly related to the post and that adds value to it.

And as in any digital marketing strategy, we must never lose sight of what will make our actions work: perseverance. Let's not pretend to get 20 backlinks in one go and then go months without getting any more. Google will take into account the creation of regular external links over time, and the web world lives in a constant state of change and growth.

That is why we would like to know your opinion. Do you have any questions about how to apply it in your project? Do you know more advantages or ways to optimize your campaigns? Let me know in the comment section!

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